Special Effects Makeup and Prosthetics

Special Effects Makeup and Prosthetics

This course will teach you the skills and techniques to bring you to the next level in your career as a makeup artist.Working as a makeup artist in film,TV,or theater you will need to know how to do this type of special effects makeup.This training is essential ,it will help you learn techniques such as bruises, cuts, bullet wounds (entry or exit), deep cut scratches, scars, (cut or burned), facial hair application, bald caps and old-age makeup that are part of a wide range of casualty effects which are always in high demand in the entertainment industry.

Also throughout this course,you will learn how to create professional quality ,realistic injuries,aging characters,understanding wounds, color shades, cutting off heads & throats, throbbing veins and prosthetic appliances starting from making a life cast all the way to applying and painting the pieces.

The Special FX Makeup course has been designed to accommodate all skill levels.  No prior experience is required.

Basic Course Duration : 1 month – 3 days of 5 hours daily

  • Introduction & Old Age Makeup
  • Bald caps
  • Facial hair
  • Bruises, Injuries & Tattoos
  • Airbrushing

Advanced Course Duration : 2 month – 3 days of 5 hours daily

  • Introduction to FX, tools and materials. Distribution of kits
  • Old Age Stipple and Practice
  • Facial Hair and Practice
  • Bald Cap and Practice
  • Injuries (black eye, scars, burns, broken nose, tattoo transfer) and practice
  • Life Casts and Baking them
  • Sculpting techniques and textures
  • Sculpting
  • Flashing sculptures ,making molds and baking them
  • Running foam and Baking them
  • Second Foam run and Baking them
  • Third foam run (if needed)
  • Choosing color scheme and costume
  • Mixing PAX paint
  • Pre-painting the foam pieces
  • Application of the foam pieces ,Costumes and taking photos
  • Airbrush practice