Professional Beauty & Artistic Makeup

Professional Beauty & Artistic Makeup

The academy trains professional make-up artists for the Cinema, the Theatre, the Shows, Television, the Videos Clips, Publicity, the Press, and Beauty quite simply
The courses of make-up specially relates to the use of the Products and their Choices according to the occasions and events, emphasizing the physical aspect of the face transformed into a sculpture but alive and shining with all its cells.

The objective goes from the simple advanced course to the more elaborate courses.

Duration of the course : 5 days / week for 3 months
Private & intensive Courses are also available.


  • Make-up Psychology
  • Studies, analyses and techniques of applying all kinds of products
  • Morphological studies of faces (lines, volumes and expressions)
  • The technique: the intensity point, the layered cut, stretching, enlarging
  • 3D Makeup
  • Eye Correction
  • Face Contouring & Correction

The make-up types studies are beauty make-up, natural make-up, day make-up, night make-up, exceptional make-up for receptions or weddings, classical or trendy make-up…

All these types of make-up are applied in a way that highlights or stylize the model in alignment with its morphology and type “European, oriental woman”.



  • Black and white photo make-up: natural, trendy, sophisticated
  • Color photo make-up
  • Promotional photo make-up
  • Fashion show make-up

The types of make-up evolve according to the trends with respect to the their techniques from thick eye-shadow to dry eye-shadow and from natural to sophisticated. Many conceptions are carried out for a specific product, magazine, brand, stylist, design.