Hair Styling

The courses of hairstyling last nine months with the end of which each student obtain a certificate of qualification, a new system in Lebanon, which enables to make a training course in a famous hairdresser. Indeed the student master key two days at the academy and four days in a well known hairdresser salon.

Courses of specialization are also available in Cut, Colours, Chignon
They learn the bases of this career in a progressive way.

Capillary study: birth of the hair, diagnosis and hair Problems
Diagnosis and Technical care with product: Theory and practical – care ritual

Techniques put in folds: Practical
Drier Technique
Haute coiffure: Basic – Advanced and practical

Cutting Techniques: Basic- Modern Advanced
Usage techniques : scissors – razor – brushes


Study of the structure of the hair
Smoothing and permanent straightening
Hair diagnosis
Diagnose problems
Product of form

Colouring Technique: to see natural color – bottom clearing up
Study scale of colouring
Base and reflection: Theory and practical
Streaks & highlights: traditional and modern
Innovations (Collection fall/winter –spring /summer)

Education System
Qualification contract: 2 days in the academy and 4 days practical work at a hairdressing salon
Duration :9 months